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We have created these community guidelines to help you best experience our environment. By using Brass City you are subject to our Terms of Service below.

We Encourage


Brass City's community is open to anyone 18 years and older. This is a bit of a different social network -- you can follow anyone and be followed by anyone, but you can also create friendships for additional functionality.


Content on Brass City involves gaming live streams and activities such as prediction challenges based on what you think is going to happen. Using hashtags significantly helps your activities and predictions to be found.


One of the best parts about spectating live e-sports and gaming streams is the conversation and free flow of predictions throughout the entire event. Engage continuously, participate in the chat and activities, have fun!

We Don't Allow


We forbid creating activities and prediction challenges on anything harmful either to yourself or others. We also forbid creating any content that would encourage such behaviour to take place.


Keep it friendly. Brass City is a place to hang out and interact in a fun way with everyone. While talking a little trash is okay, consistent and personal attacks will not be tolerated.


Here's what people don't like in their content and chat conversations: the same repetitive comment, self-promotion for commercial purposes, and/or links to bogus sites. Thank you.